Executive Committee:
President – Kerry Sweetnam
Vice President – Aaron Holloway
Secretary – Karen Morris
Treasurer - Julie Wills
Coaching Coordinator – Alyssa Harris
Men Senior Rep – Karl Dash
Woman’s Senior Rep – Elizabeth Yendle
Junior Representative – Sigauney Rowsell

General Committee Members:
Cadets Coordinator – Jason Yendle
Registrar - Karen Morris
Fixtures – Vacant preferably 2 people to share the position with support from the committee
Points Person – Barry Ellery
Sport Council – Rod Seaman
Gear Steward – Brendan Mooney
Sponsorship – Kristy McWilliams / Kerry Sweetnam
Canteen Manager-Committee – Jeanette Stubbs / Nicci Cobb – 2-3 more people required to share the load
CCF Delegate – Aaron Holloway / Kerry Sweetnam
Public Officer - Steve Jennings
MPIO – Mary-Anne Tschanet
Fundraising – Kristy McWilliams / Jeanette Stubbs – 2 extra people required
Youth Club Delegate – Barry Ellery
Ground Controller - All Executive and General Committee responsible.
Website/Social Media – Leigh Clover
Super Hero’s – Robyn Ellery and Rodney Stubbs

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